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Our most common answers to your most common questions regarding HVAC in the Northern Illinois area. If you don’t find your answer below, give us a call at (815) 728-7401 and we’ll be happy to assist you.

How often does my furnace need maintenance?

Your furnace is at the core of your HVAC system. We recommend having your furnace and HVAC system serviced every year to ensure proper operation all year long. For most homeowners, this requires a furnace service in the fall and an AC service in the spring. This ensures your heating and cooling units are properly cleaned and maintained before running each season.

How do I know if my Heating or Air Condition is working properly?

While every HVAC system is different, if you notice a reduction in efficiency such as luke warm air, reduced airflow, or even increasing utility bills with no change in your usage, this may be a sign that your system needs maintenance. If you hear irregular noises, notice a water leak, or see frozen coils, we recommend calling us immediately at (815) 728-7401.

We typically recommend having your furnace and system serviced every year to ensure proper operation all year long.

When should I change my furnace filter?

Your furnace filter should be changed once a month. This is a common furnace maintenance step that most homeowners can take every month to ensure a longer furnace lifespan and cleaner air delivery.

How long does a Furnace or Air Conditioning unit last?

The average life span of a furnace and air conditioner is 15-20 years. Some factors that effect the lifespan of the unit include regular maintenance, environment, and demand on the unit.

What is a Mini Split Ductless systems?

Mini Split Ductless Systems are small HVAC units can be used in areas that standard sheetmetal ductwork will not fit. (additions, sunrooms, IT closets, and more)

Do you handle commercial and industrial systems too?

Yes. We handle rooftop units (RTU's), boiler systems, and variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems. If you're ready to get more information on your commercial system installation or repair, contact us.

What cities or towns do you service?

We service the Northwest suburbs and North Shore of Chicagoland. For a detailed list of the towns and cities we work in, view our Service Area page.

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