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In the middle of the night, weekends, and holidays. Get your air conditioner or furnace repaired when you need it most. Call now for immediate service.

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Rapid Furnace Repair

In the cold winter months when your furnace goes out unexpectedly, you need a quality service you can trust to ensure your homes heating system stays running. Our certified and experienced experts are ready to act quickly to get your system running. Look no further than Goldmore Mechanical. Get peace of mind knowing your furnace will be back in no time.

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Emergency Air Conditioning Repairs

You rely on your air conditioning system to keep your home cool during the hot humid summer days. When you find yourself without a working air conditioning system, it’s time to call the experts you can trust. No matter what time your cooling emergency occurs, our certified technicians are on call to keep your home comfortable and cool.

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What our customers are saying

Kathy Cammarata
Five Stars

Fantastic service! Had no heat on a very cold day and they came out very fast to help me out. Diagnosed and fixed the issue! Very knowledgeable and reliable.

Meg Coppedge
Five Stars

Our heater went out in the middle of the night. Jesse came over 1st thing in the morning, diagnosed the issue and repaired it within hours. He was very thorough and explained things along the way.

Jeremy and Tracy Roe-Calhoun
Five Stars

The day after Christmas, We got all of our kids back from their other parents' houses and getting set for them to see what Santa did at home and our heat is out. We needed a repair NOW. All of the part suppliers were closed, but Brett was able to talk to other people in his network and get the part and took care of it in one visit. To me, when someone has friends in the business willing to help them help me, that's the sign of someone with a great reputation. He was super friendly, professional, and got our Christmas back on track in no time. Thank you so much, Brett!

Why would you need emergency service?

Complete system breakdown

If your entire HVAC system is down, your home can be left to face the weather conditions with little to no relief. In the case of a full system failure, it is recommended that you get an inspection or repair as soon as possible. This is especially true in extreme weather or if anyone in the home has medical conditions that could be impacted by temperature change.

Humidity and air quality

When your HVAC system stops working, you lose humidity control and air circulation. For homes with air filtration systems, this also results in poor air quality. Large changes in humidity can be harmful to furniture and hardwoods. If your home has pets or you have strong allergies we suggest getting immediate repair to avoid downtime in your homes air quality.

Extreme weather conditions

The most common reason for emergency repair is the extreme weather. In the summer, extreme heat can pose a threat for those living in the home meanwhile during the harsh winter months, extreme cold can be dangerous for animals, families, and even can lead to pipe bursts. It’s important to address an issue like this quickly.

Why Choose Goldmore Mechanical?

We’re Locally owned and operated

Based in Wonder Lake, IL, Goldmore Mechanical is proud to be a locally owned union business. We have extensive working knowledge of the Northern Illinois area, construction codes, and best practices for our climate. We’re happy to serve our community with quality work.

Fast reponse when you need it

When you need your HVAC most, we’re just one call away. Wether your heat goes out in the middle of winter or you need a new air conditioning unit during peak heat, we’re committed to providing the fastest call response we can. You can count on Goldmore when it matters most.

Treat your home as if it’s our own

We take pride in treating every customer like family. You can trust us to take care of your home as if it was ours. This level of care is reflected in all our work. Not only do we perform quality work, we’re sure to clean our workspace and care for your home every step of the job.

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Get your heating or cooling system repaired when you need it most. Our experts are trained, and experienced to provide the best service that you can depend on for years to come. No more searching for the right company to call. You can count on Goldmore.

Air conditioning condenser being service with open tool bag