Boiler Installation & Repair

Boiler systems are a great option to heat your home while keeping your energy bill down. Our crew has years of experience working with complex boiler systems.

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Newly installed boiler and water lines
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boiler maintenance

Just like traditional heating systems, boiler systems require regular maintenance and tune-ups to operate at peak efficiency for a prolonged lifespan. During a typical maintenance call you can expect the following:

  • Inspect the electrical system and thermostat
  • Test the igniter/pilot light
  • Clean the burners and flame sensor
  • Test the pressure relief valve, shut-off valves, and gas valves
  • Test the water regulator, pump, and expansion tank
  • Inspect pipes and fittings for leaks or corrosion
Water lines for new boiler system
Boiler unit and new water lines

Boiler Repairs

Boiler heating systems use a combination of intricate piping and connections. While some HVAC systems are very homeowner friendly, we highly suggest contacting a professional for your boiler system repairs. Our crew has over 54 years of combined experience fixing issues including:

  • Unexpected shutdowns and startup issues
  • Reduced heating capacity
  • Thermostat or control issues
  • Pump failures
  • Ignition or pilot light problems
  • Plumbing leaks and clogs
  • Inspect the electrical system and thermostat
What does your boiler system need?

repair or replacement?

If your Boiler requires frequent repairs

After years of use, boiler system components tend to fail more often. If your boiler is beginning to require service calls more often, it might be time to discuss a boiler replacement. Replacements can increase the efficiency of your boiler system while also increasing the comfort of your home.

If your boiler is inefficient

The older your boiler gets, the more inefficient it becomes. Inefficiencies can also be accelerated by water conditions, environment, maintenance schedule, and more. If you suspect your boiler system is under performing, it’s best to schedule a maintenance call. We can determine your best option for repair or replacement.

If your boiler is over 20 years old

After 15-20 years, boilers tend to start giving out. As your boiler nears the end of its lifespan, you’ll want to start considering a replacement. You may want to consider getting your boiler evaluated and replaced before it goes out. This can help avoid the need for an emergency replacement which can be costly.

If your boiler is leaking

Boiler leaks can be a sign of varying issues. Small leaks can be a faulty seal while larger water leaks can be a sign of a major failure in the boiler system. A replacement is often needed in cases of leaking boilers. If your boiler is leaking any amount of water, we suggest calling immediately for emergency repair before the situation escalates.

get a professional boiler installation

new construction

Our experience technicians are leaders in their craft. When your building your dream home, you want to make sure your systems are installed by a quality name you can trust. Let Goldmore install a boiler system you’ll depend on for years.

  • Boiler systems with radiators
  • Boiler systems with floor registers
  • Radiant floor heating systems

boiler replacement

Many older homes use boiler systems for their primary heat source. Our expert team will diagnose, replace, and test your boiler system to ensure you have a reliable boiler for years to come. Whether you have a modern in floor radiant heating system or a traditional boiler system with radiators, the technicians at Goldmore are ready to replace your existing boiler.

Pressure switches and gauges for new boiler system

Why Choose Goldmore Mechanical?

We’re Locally owned and operated

Based in Wonder Lake, IL, Goldmore Mechanical is proud to be a locally owned union business. We have extensive working knowledge of the Northern Illinois area, construction codes, and best practices for our climate. We’re happy to serve our community with quality work.

Fast reponse when you need it

When you need your HVAC most, we’re just one call away. Wether your heat goes out in the middle of winter or you need a new air conditioning unit during peak heat, we’re committed to providing the fastest call response we can. You can count on Goldmore when it matters most.

Treat your home as if it’s our own

We take pride in treating every customer like family. You can trust us to take care of your home as if it was ours. This level of care is reflected in all our work. Not only do we perform quality work, we’re sure to clean our workspace and care for your home every step of the job.

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Shirley Sherman
Five Stars

Outstanding top notch service and installation. I highly recommend them for all your HVAC needs as they are reasonably priced,  do quality work & a pleasure to work with. They are very reliable & the owners know how to provide quality HVAC work done well which it is hard to find people providing excellent service, quality products & a wealth of knowledge that is helpful to explain to a customer. They are the best HVAC company I have ever used.

Adam Treasure
Five Stars

If your looking for an honest crew that gets the job done right, give them a shout!

Kathy Cammarata
Five Stars

Fantastic service! Had no heat on a very cold day and they came out very fast to help me out. Diagnosed and fixed the issue! Very knowledgeable and reliable.

Sue Kuna
Five Stars

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

Jeremy and Tracy Roe-Calhoun
Five Stars

The day after Christmas, We got all of our kids back from their other parents' houses and getting set for them to see what Santa did at home and our heat is out. We needed a repair NOW. All of the part suppliers were closed, but Brett was able to talk to other people in his network and get the part and took care of it in one visit. To me, when someone has friends in the business willing to help them help me, that's the sign of someone with a great reputation. He was super friendly, professional, and got our Christmas back on track in no time. Thank you so much, Brett!

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